Groove Cosmetics

Women should be able to feel beautiful in their uniqueness.

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Driven by a love for vintage beauty, and the collective desire for positivity and self-love in a time of unrealistic beauty standards, I created Groove Cosmetics, a refillable makeup company inspired by vintage compacts and expressive looks of the 60s and 70s. Alongside a full brand identity and guide, I designed product packaging and a shopping app prototype to embody the company’s mission of straightforward and approachable beauty for women on-the-go.

The Challenge

For millennia, people have used cosmetics to enhance their looks, aiming to appeal to the gods or other people. Today, with the prevalence of social media, women continue to feel pressured to wear makeup or get cosmetic procedures in an effort to achieve an unattainable ideal. With so many options in stores and online, coupled with misleading reviews, it can also be a struggle for individuals to find products that work best for them. To add insult to injury, the cosmetics industry generates a staggering 120 billion units of packaging waste globally every year, largely resulting from one time use packaging.

The Process

In looking for a solution to modern problems, I researched the past. Starting in the 1920s, women carried ornate, refillable compacts for their makeup and often passed them down generations, greatly inspiring Groove’s refillable solution to packaging waste. I was also greatly inspired by the 1960s and 1970s, a period in which makeup truly emerged as an avenue of self expression for mods, hippies, and disco dancers. I analyzed potential competitors to see what they offer and what they lack. Keeping true to the intended identity of the brand, I opted for a colorful, fresh take on vintage and veered away from the classic style used by other brands. I wanted the brand to be approachable and prioritize ease of use for all skill sets and lifestyles.

The Process Cont.

In order to develop a shopping app that truly had a positive impact on how people shop, I dove into interviews, focusing on each woman’s differing experience when shopping for and using cosmetics. I found that many women struggled to select products they liked before trying them on, relied on reviews of others when considering a product, and didn’t know their undertones or what products would really suit their features. I also analyzed other cosmetic shopping apps (including Sephora, Ulta, and E.L.F) and found that they were overwhelming, hard to navigate, and seemed to prioritize products over the shopper’s experience. To address these issues, I included a more in-depth and personal quiz and profile that focuses on making it easier to find the best products for each individual, a community element with incentives for leaving reviews and images, and review images right at the forefront of the product information so shoppers can see the unstaged product.

The Solution

After many iterations and adjustments to the brand, packaging, and app based on user feedback, the result was a flowy, colorful brand with playful elements and a primary focus on the shopper. By channeling the spirit of the past, Groove empowers women to enhance their natural beauty and express themselves through their makeup instead of using it to cover up or force themselves into a box. Addressing the intimidating aspects of the beauty industry, Groove makes the process of finding products easier by prioritizing community and personalizing each individual’s experience.

Through reviving elements of the past, Groove sustains and empowers the future.