Pocket Bringhurst Book Design

Pocket Bringhurst

Book Layout Design

Project Brief

After reading The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst, I compiled the notes I took from each chapter to create a smaller reference book on each element of type. As I typeset the layout, I applied what I had learned and developed a deeper knowledge of typesetting in Adobe InDesign.
I aimed for a minimal style and legibility in using Avenir Next for the title pages and chapter headings, as well as Minion Pro Regular for the body and Italic for subheads. To help the reader quickly find specific topics in each chapter, the subheads are a medium red to stand out from the black and white pages. 
Between absorbing knowledge from the text and actively applying it to my typesetting skills, this exercise fueled my fascination with type forms and their functions while fostering a greater understanding of type that I ceaselessly use in my graphic design work.